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Skin Healer


GLO Ritual

Customized treatment that deeply cleanses skin and exfoliates through an enzymatic process while addressing individual skin type, concerns, and needs. Combining facial massage + lymphatic drainage + acupressure to tone muscles, balance energy, improve skin tone/circulation and boost immune system by flushing out toxins. Ideal for first time guests and those new to facials. (Extractions included)

1 hour Starting at $150


High Frequency (Add On)

Generates an electrical current with oscillating oxygenating power which will deeply cleanse the skin, increase blood circulation and hydration levels, improve texture tone and overall appearance of the skin. Ideal for acne, enlarged pores, fine lines + wrinkles, puffy eyes, dark circles, and hair follicle stimulation for thinning hair. (This service can be added on to any treatment excluding DEEP GREEN PEEL $50.00 add on $75.00 by itself)

45 minutes Starting at $50

The ORIGINAL Deep Herbal Green Peel

Mixture of select herbs that are worked into the skin with specific massage techniques stimulating blood circulation and metabolism of the skin. This reduces the skins renewal time (cell turnover rate) from 28 days to 5 days. Will drastically minimize large pores, dark marks + hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone + scars, fine lines/wrinkles, rid superficial impurities and those deep below the surface of the skin AND MORE. Amazing for stretch marks and sagging skin. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND IS ALL NATURAL. (Ask for more info)

1 hour 20 minutes $400


Dermaplaning GLO

An exfoliating treatment involving the removal of dead skin cells and vellus hair from the face with a sterile surgical blade. It is then combined with the GLO Ritual treatment leaving the face smooth supple and flawless.

1 hour & 30 minutes $210

Mini Green Peel

‘Mini’ Version of ORIGINAL Deep Herbal Green Peel

1 hour $250


Intensive GLO boost (Add On)

All natural herbs + other exclusive products are combined to noticeably lift, firm, tighten, and brighten the skin. (This service can be added on to any treatment excluding DEEP GREEN PEEL)

30 minutes $50 ($75 alone)



Baby Skin

This is a teen/pre-teen treatment where gentle, young skin friendly products are used to help control acne, prevent future breakouts, and brighten complexion. (Extractions Included)

1 hour Starting at $120


Skin Consultation

Skin will be thoroughly analyzed to address concerns and skin type while also focusing on internal culprits of skin issues. Will then be provided with recommendations on skin and health regimens to follow geared specifically for you.

30 minutes $45


Real Man

Men’s facial treatment specifically targets and addresses sensitivity, dullness, and conditions concerning facial hair and beard growth. (Extractions included)

1 hour Starting at $175