15 Adorable OPI Gel Nail Polish Colors You Should Try This Summer

It’s only a matter of time before spring’s nail pastels give way to summer’s look of seaside colors. And if you are looking to glow, go with nice and warm gel polish OPI colors on your hands and feet!

This gel polish product from OPI answers the call of folks desiring to look good this summer. There are a lot of colors that are popular with clients and shoppers. Let’s show you some of the best OPI gel colors ever!

Summer Best OPI Gel Nail Polish Colors to Try Out

Summer Best OPI Gel Nail Polish Colors to Try Out

OPI B01-12 are the new colors for this summer. Check out and choose your favorite color(s) to make this summer season one to remember. Listed below are a few of the available colors.

OPI B01 Sun-rise Up

People who like pink or orange nail designs will like this light, stylish shade of OPI nail gel polish. Like the name says, this will make your summer this year happy.

OPI B02 Sugar Crush It

This OPI gel nail polish goes well with your deep-colored summer clothes. It will make your nail art look better.

OPI B03 Exercise Your Brights

Do you like pastel colors and have you tried Essie’s Ballet Slipper cosmetics? We suggest this gentle tone called “delightful pinky gel polish OPI” for your summer nail designs.

OPI B04 Pink Big

This is the appropriate crisp pink OPI nail color for this summer’s hot weather. Compared to OPI B03, this is a tad darker.

OPI B05 Go to Grape Lengths

This sleek purple gel polish OPI nail color is perfect for summer. Just how you would like you deep purple nail colored, go for this.

OPI B06 Don_t Wait

This bright purple is among the product’s most significant and famous takes on the summer color. This one is fragrant, and intense.

OPI B07 Sky True To Yourself

When people think of the best OPI gel colors for summer looks and all-time top nail polish shades, they reportedly picture this stunning tone of blue, like the sky.

OPI B08 Feel Bluetiful

This lovely deeper sky blue shade is thought to come to mind when we think of the greatest OPI gel colors and summer top nail polish tones.

OPI B09 Make Rainbows

OPI’s stunning silver leaf shade nail paint has always had a memorable label, and customers adore how it pays a fashionable respect to one of the season’s most important components. We’ll leave it up to you to “create rainbow” as the label suggests.

OPI B10 Bee Unapologetic

This bright yellow version of the summer vintage color on your nails is one adorable and cheering design that stands out so uniquely on deep-colored outfits.

OPI B11 Mango for It

This dark, stylish tint of nail gel polish OPI is good for people who like deep orange shape nail design but with a spin during the summer seasons.

OPI B12 The Future is You

Customers agree that this creamy orange shade of OPI nail gel polish color is their favorite, and during the summer, it appears that they have it eternally painted on their nails. It resembles a reef, yet it is lighter and more lovely.

Final Thoughts

Customers who want to look good this summer can use the nail polish OPI gel. The best way to polish your weak nails at home is by first applying OPI Organic Nail Wax before applying any of your best gel polish colors. It dries in thirty seconds under OPI Lighting, so after getting gel polish on your nails, they won’t stick together right away. Cajun Shrimp looks like a reef, but it’s a little darker and much more beautiful!