Creative Arts to Use Gel Nail Polish Collection for Manicure

Gone are the days when you had to deal with those regular and boring nail polish designs that also only stayed for only a couple of days and started chipping later. Nowadays, things have become way better to deal with, especially for those fashion enthusiasts who like to keep everything top-notch.

With the arrival of gel nail polishes in the market, this trend literally took over the entire fashion world with storm, and soon after its release, almost every nail manicure is getting done using the latest variety of this gorgeous and colorful healthy gel nail polish range.

Creative Arts to Use Gel Nail Polish Collection for Manicure

For this very reason, the gel nail polish collection has become one of the most popular artificial nail applications. There is a wide range of shades that you can choose from to create beautiful designs and nail arts in order to satisfy your inner creativity and craving for exclusive style.

From bold colors to exquisite contrasts, there are plenty of things you can do to spruce up y0ur regular manicure with the help of gel nail polishes. Regardless of what aesthetic you prefer, here are some of the best nail designs to fall in love with this time of the year.

Creative Arts to Use Gel Nail Polish

Nude with Sparkles

According to the recent fashion trends, gel nail polishes are getting quite famous among most fashionistas to hit the beauty scene like never before. With its top-notch and long-lasting qualities, many people have preferred it over other nail polishes.

While you must be thinking of new ideas to create a great manicure look that not only looks classy but also up to the mark, you can simply go with nude nails that can serve to be your safest yet one of the most stylish options.

All you need to do is to choose a nude shade gel nail polish of your choice, apply it on your nails and wait for them to get dry. After that, to give your nails a glam look, just add a little touch of sparkles by applying a glittery layer of gel nail polish on the top.

Cute French Stilettos

When it comes to creating a fashionable manicure look, nothing beats the charm of the all-time favorite and classic style of French tips. However, this can certainly change by adding an element of fun to your typical French nails.

For this, you can also go with the experts’ opinions and try out the latest trend of stiletto nails, which is a great choice for fashion lovers. You can add a base coat of little creamy pink color and add the white tips to your unusually attractive arched nails.

This style will certainly create a perfect blend of colors and give your nails a more natural and charming look by contouring your sharp tips and making them look much more flattering. You can also add little cute shapes or hearts on your ring finger to embellish your nails even more.

Geometric Nail Art

If you have been bored of the random and traditional nails art designs and want to try something new this time of the year, then the ultimate style of geometric nails created by using gel nail polish collection is certainly going to be your thing.

All you need to do is to line up nail polish colors of your choice and let your inner creative self out by unleashing your hidden talent, and voila, you are good to create a fashion statement that will make you gain all the spotlights in the room.

To create a much more charming look, you can also go with the combination of two bold colors that will help you to make your nails pop. By just making small triangles or half circles with the nail paint brush, you will be able to create a new and innovative look for your manicure.

Minimal Glam Contrast

To satisfy your ultra-feminine craving for fashion, another one of the many great designs that you can create is to go with the regular glitz and glam ideas. You can simply go with some of the bold colors and contrast with some glittery nail polishes, and you are good to go.

You can apply this glitter and glam nail paint to your ring finger and the thumb. To increase the delicacy and glamor of the nails, you can also apply a blush pink color tone of nail paint as the base coat to make your hands look even prettier.


So, to sum it all up, colors nail polish is your go-to option to create beautiful and gorgeous designs on your nails without having to get into much trouble. All you need to do is to find your nail paint inspiration and you can do whatever you want to with your nails. You can also watch several videos on different online platforms to get more ideas.