Tips and Ideas to Make Your Lips Soft, Bold and Attractive

Lipstick, lip gloss or lip tint, when applied perfectly, can take your makeup look to a whole different level. But sometimes if the lips are cracked or damaged, they might not look up to the mark. It is very important to put on lipsticks that go well with not only your makeup but also your skin type and tone. We’ll highlight some popular trends of lipsticks that are very helpful in making your lips soft, bold and attractive.

Tips and Ideas to Make Your Lips Soft, Bold and Attractive

What are the most attractive lipstick trends these days?

The trends of lipsticks have greatly evolved. In the past, people used to go for shades like red, maroon and pink. Recently, the trends have totally changed. Now girls want to go for bold, prominent looks or nude, subtle looks. Black lip color especially is very much in trend these days. Girls try to choose the best black lipstick for their party makeup look. It makes the lips look bold and outrageous. Especially for the fall makeup looks, black and other dark colors look really trendy and on point.

In addition to that, warm lip colors are also in trend for routine casual look. They help keep your skin look attractive yet decent in itself.

Products used for making your lips go well with darker skin tone

Now coming towards various lip products that can make your lips stand out on darker skin. There are numerous types and varieties of lipsticks available in the market these days. The most popular among these are the glossy ones and the matte products. For darker toned skin complexions, use of the best matte lipsticks for dark skin is the most ideal. These give a soft and matte look to the skin and do not make it shiny. It is beneficial for darker skin as there is already a lot of sebum and oil production on such skin types. Use of glossy lipstick will make it look even more shiny which is not desirable at all. Also, matte lipstick looks more elegant and decent.

How to get the perfect shine and gloss on your lips

For people who want their lips to look shiny and glossy, there are some tips apart from lipstick that can help you.

Use a good quality lip scrub for your lips. It will help in eliminating dry skin and making your lips soft.

Keep your lips moisturized at all times. Use a chapstick or lip butter to keep your lips nourished. In this way, the pinkish glow of your lips will be retained for a long time.

You should also apply a lip mask at least twice a week to make your lips healthy. It is the best way to replenish and rejuvenate your lips.

Tips to apply lipstick in the perfect way

It might seem simple but applying lipstick is an art. If not applied in a proper way, it will ruin your entire effort that you have done on your makeup. To apply your lipstick in the right way, first outline your lips with a lip pencil. If your lips are thin, outline a bit outside the crease of your lips. Now start from the lower lip, slide the lipstick slowly towards the edges. Go for the same technique on the upper lip. The best way to apply lipstick is using a small lip brush. This prevents the lipstick from getting messed or smudged out.


Lipstick never goes out of style. Following the latest trends can make you look even more cool and stylish. Uplift your style game by looking for the best lip colors and you are ready to rock every event you join.