The Astonishing DND DC Gel Colors

Daisy DND, also called DND for short, is a nail fashion company established by Loc Duong in 2011; Loc Duong is an enthusiast with a high passion for fashion. His deep love led him to realize that the nail care industry in the US needs to be upgraded, which is why he started his own company called Daisy DND. After establishing the company, he ensured excellence as a feature of the company, making the company expand globally. Daisy DND is one of the forerunners in the nail care industry around the world.

They manufacture different polishes and lacquers to satisfy their customers by giving them an extensive range of choices. They also gain more popularity because of their nail gel products’ durability; their gel products are certified to last 3 to 4 weeks without fading or chipping off. They also manufacture other categories of products like swatches that are also available in several colors.

DND DC Gel Polish

DND DC Gel polish is a type of nail care product applied like the polish, but it is even better with how much faster it cures; gel polishes are mostly cured with UV or LED lights. Gel polishes have a more substantial and more lasting result on the nail than regular lacquers.  DND makes their gel polishes in big 15ml bottles, making the polish more sufficient for customers for more than a single manicure.

The Astonishing DND DC Gel Colors

Their several sets of gel polish have a matching nail polish which makes the color options more extensive that you have the choice of 179 colors to choose for your gel manicure. DND makes their gel polishes from natural components that give the nails a vibrant and gelly look after a manicure. Even after removing the manicure, their gel products are easy to remove without affecting nails badly. Some of the best DND DC gel polish colors you can check out are as follows:

Top DND DC gel colors

274- Zesty Vibes

274- Zesty Vibes is one of the best DND DC polish rated highly among customers; the orange-colored gel product gives off a zesty vibe- hence the name. The polish gives your nail an outlook that looks like plastic, and it has two coats and a sache vite topcoat to finish.

260- Electric Purple

Purple is a favorite color for many ladies because it is a bright color. The 260- Electric purple is also well-favored among customers because the purple has a neon vibe. This gel color is easy to apply; you only need to apply two coats, and the sache vite top coat or the #900 cleanse topcoat to finish.

258- Shine Bright

The 258- Shine Bright is an outstanding gel color made of bright yellow with a touch of green. This gel color is thick and needs expertise for a proper application like the #254; you need five coats, of which you must apply the seche viche top coat. But you can apply it with a white base coat which would help reduce the number of coats, excluding the topcoat.

257- Mermaid Blue

257- Mermaid Blue is another one of the popular DND DC gel colors with a plastic result on the nail. This gel color is applied in three coats, including the sache vite top coat, to complete it.

256- Walk on Water

This gel color is similar to the #255 DND DC polish because it was manufactured as an extension to the #255 lines. It also has a plastic-like result on the nail, and you would need three coats to apply if you like your manicure to be opaque; the initial two coats added helps to make it thin before applying the #900 No Cleanser topcoat to finish it.

255- Chasing Summer

This gel color is top tier because it is categorized under gel colors that can be used for different events by DND. The gel color gives your nails a green aquamarine and a plastic-like result. It is easy to apply in just two coats with a sache vite top coat to give it permanence and beauty.

254- Forest Green

The 254- Forest Green DND DC gel color is also sought after by a large number of customers because it assures a hot look on your nails. It has a thick formulation that gives a plastic-like result. Also, it is easy to apply with two coats needed and a search of viche top coat to complete it.


Gel polish is one of the latest innovations in the nail care industry, and DND has weighed in on the production of it also to give their customers a new look with a broader range of colors for their manicures; there are over 179 DND DC gel colors that are suitable for various outfits, events or seasons. The Astonishing DND DC gel polish colors makes it possible for you to create any shade of color that you desire with the help of a LED light. With so many options available, this product can make your life as an artist or nail technician easier and more fun!