Everything You Need to Know about OPI Gel Manicure

Are you looking for a nail treatment that could not peel off in a day or two? Is it even possible to keep a manicure intact for more than a week?

Being a nail art enthusiast, you must know how it sounds when you hear the latest nail treatment is hitting the ground. And what if you hear that you can keep a mani intact for up to two weeks? Definitely, it sounds great and is a real fun.

Thankfully, long gone are the days when the nail paints and polishes chipped away just after doing a load of dishes. Today, we are having nail treatments such as acrylics and gels that can last for about two weeks. Even though these nail treatments are slightly pricier than a standard and regular nail treatment, yet the incredible results are worth the money you spent.

I’ve personally tried both ways: acrylic as well as a gel; and I fell for gel manis. They’re simply love, stylish, glossier, and remain chip-free for the whole 12 days even after I do my dishes thrice a day. You can make your gel manicure last more than 12 days if you don’t do dishes so frequently as I do.

I don’t know if it is the personal aroma and texture of gels that took me so bad or it is how easy I can apply them even at home just by having my gel manicure kit.

Whatever the reason is, I have tested a lot of brands who were dealing in gel nail colors and found OPI is offering me the gal nail colors I wanted the most. The good news is, OPI gel nail polish price is pocket-friendly and I can easily purchase OPI gel nail polish in as many colors as I want, without breaking my bank.

That being said, I’ve recreated some trendy manicure ideas by using OPI gel nail polish you can even try at home.

Scroll down to find the perfect gel mani for your nails this season:

Hold that line

If anything can define this nail design is the phrase: “simple yet bold.” you don’t need to hire the services of a salon to get your nails done.

Follow these simple and straightforward steps and let people adore your taste.

Prep your nails first; shake OPI gelcolor base coat vigorously and apply 1 coat on your nails; cure it under OPI LED light for 30 seconds.

Choose your 2 favorite OPI gelcolors and shake them vigorously to make the content smooth and even. I love pastels so I go for one pastel and one dark hue. Apply the two vertical lines on each side of the nails and let them cure. Now go for applying the other shade near the sidewalls of nails and let them cure too.

Apply 1 coat of gelcolor top coat and let it flash cure.

Neutral nails

No matter what the occasion is when in doubt, I go for a neutral manicure. Thanks to OPI neutral gelcolor range that offers 140+ nail shades to choose from.

A pinkish beige gel nail polish gives my nails a subtle neutral look that I love wearing in summers and winters. I never got bored with OPI neutral gel hues even at my work.

The whole procedure of applying this gelcolor is the same as I’ve mentioned earlier.

Tell me more

Regardless of what the season is, if you’re looking for a teal manicure, put this OPI gelcolor on your nails and create an iconic manicure look that will set you apart from the crowd.

You can try to get as many trendy nail designs and ideas as you want and it is quite simple to recreate them even at home.

There are some issues that I think are important enough to be addressed through this platform.

How long OPI Gel manicure can last?

As I mentioned earlier, when you buy OPI gel and use it, the gel nail color can last up to 2 weeks or even more. (Unless you don’t often make dishes, with just a glance.)

Do OPI gel nail colors damage nails?

Gel nail colors are not dangerous for your nails and nail beds unless you keep them hydrated by using cuticle oil.

Since gel nail colors are cured under UV rays, so there are chances that it can cause premature aging or skin cancer. So it’s recommended that you should apply sunscreen on your hands to ward off these alarming symptoms.

How much does OPI gel nail color cost?

A gel manicure may cost you $10 to $20. And its removal is, likewise, a bit pricier. Although you can do gel nails at home or also can remove it by using a proper technique by yourself, yet for a novel nail idea, hiring the services of a salon is the best bet you can have.


Let me know if you’ve tried any of the latest and exciting gel manicure ideas for the coming summer! And please spread my word by sharing it with your friends who love to try out trendy gel nails at an affordable OPI nail polish price.