Top 6 Best Tanning Products for Men to Buy in 2020

Best Tanning Products for Men

Tanning has become popular not only among women but also among men, and no one minds a little tint of that brown color on their body. Imagine going on a beach or a party and running into a man with well-tanned skin. You will be lying if you don’t acknowledge how attractive that man would be. If you want a perfect, healthy, glistening tan, check our recommended products below.

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse

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The super light-weight, easy to apply, fragranced mousse is manufactured by St. Tropes. It is a Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, and Phthalate-Free product that contains 100% naturally derived DHA. Suiting all skin tones, the tanner gives a healthy sun-kissed look that lasts for days. Besides, it is non-greasy and non-transferable and dries very quickly.

If you are looking for a self-tanner that gives you an even tan leaving no streaks, and hydrates your skin simultaneously, this one is a great pick.

Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Spray

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The fine mist airbrush self-tanning spray doesn’t need application through rubbing and blending it on your skin. Besides being alcohol and oil-free, this tanner doesn’t clog the pores. With a few sprays in the desired areas (including hairy parts), you can achieve a flawless tan in just 2-4 hours of application. The product soothes your skin and makes it super glowy.

The easy to use, streaks-free tanner spray is the right choice if you are searching for a product to apply in the hard-to-reach areas of your body. It would not leave patchy dark spots or turn your skin orange but provide excellent coverage and even skin tone.

Clinique Non-Streak Bronzer

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The Undetectable, unscented, and very convenient to use product is manufactured by Clinique. It is indisputably the best self tanner for men. Keeping your skin adequately hydrated, the product will blend with your skin tone and give you a glowing sun-kissed look. Just a few dabs would cover your face and entire neck area. This bronzer could be washed off easily with a cleanser and has no side effects.

An oil-free product that can be used daily to provide healthy looking tanned skin is not difficult to find anymore! Give yourself the desired complexion with this bronzer. What’s the wait then? Get it today!

Designer Skin Command Tanning Lotion

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A tanning lotion is a tan-enhancing product that has a moisturizing effect too. The tanning mentioned above lotion is offered by Designer Skin. It is silicon-based and so non-greasy. It contains natural tan accelerators, which help acquire a flawless tan while keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.

If you want a tanning product that maintains a high quality of Skin, deepen the tan color, and smells like cologne, this item might be the right choice for you.

Devoted Creations H.I.M. Gold Edition

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Manufactured by one of the best brands, this product tops the list of best tanning lotion for men. The product contains various tan accelerators and a great scent that eliminates after-tan odor. With Tamanu oil, Aquacell, and Vitamins C& E, the lotion helps in the regeneration of skin, blemish removal, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, and prevention of color fading.

The tanning lotion would make the roughest of you skin areas feel smooth and healthy and work as an after- tan deodorizer too. Improve your skin appearance with this product today and witness the transformation of your skin yourself.

Onyx Tanning Lotion He – Dark Bronzer Accelerator

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Now, this product is a game-changer tan enhancing lotion. Doubling the bronzer power not only intensifies tan but also maintains the optimum level of moisture and nutrition in your skin. It contains pomegranate, rich in antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals and leave you with younger-looking skin.

The power of healing of this sunless tan intensifying lotion is no joke. Your skin will feel refreshed, smell amazing, and acquire the desired shiny- brown complexion with its usage. Give this product a try, and you won’t be disappointed.


Tanning looks easy to most of us, and everyone wishes for the Greek god’s skin, but it’s a complex job in reality. You might get baffled by the large number of products available in the market and wonder which one to go for. We hope our recommended products guide you towards a suitable choice that grants you a healthy self-tan.