Kiara Sky Dip Powder Color

Talk of beauty, and the first things that float in your mind are skincare and makeup. Nail care is not too far behind. People have always indulged in beautifying their nails since time immemorial. There are reports of women using vegetable or organic colors and even chemicals over the years for decorating their nails. However, the search for the perfect, non-toxic nail polish is still on.

Recently, the industry had touted using dipping powder to be the safest method of applying nail polish. In a way, they are right. Compared to acrylic and gel nail polishes, dipping powder does have its advantages. Nevertheless, the concerns regarding the safe use of dipping powder persist.

Before looking at the advantages of dipping powder and its possible harmful effects, one should use high-quality products like Kiara Sky dip powder color. Using products of inferior quality can result in more harm than good.

Advantages of using dipping powder

  • Dipping powder polish dries quickly as compared to acrylic or gel polish.
  • Dipping powder manicure does not involve the use of UV lamps for drying nail polish. Exposure to ultraviolet light for extended periods can cause skin cancer.
  • Applying dipping powder polish is comparatively more comfortable than using gel or acrylic polish.
  • A dipping powder nail manicure lasts for six to eight weeks comfortably.
  • Using dipping powder does not cause the nail to chip and fall off. Thus, it is a comparatively, healthier procedure.

Hence, people wishing to acquire quality nail manicures, like Kiara Sky dip nails, prefer dipping powder polish to other alternative manicures.

Ill Effects of Dipping Powder

  • Getting the dip powder to stick is the crucial part of the dip powder procedure. It requires the use of a basecoat containing cyanoacrylate. Does this sound alarming now? No, it does not, but one should know that cyanoacrylate is the critical ingredient in the manufacture of Krazy Glue. If I pop the same question now, your answer will undoubtedly be different. Canada and various European nations have banned the use of cyanoacrylate in basecoat. However, it is cleared for use in the US, according to the Environment Working Group.
  • You find multiple women dipping their nails into the same dipping powder bottle if you visit a salon. Though the top-rated salons desist from such practices, it is prevalent in the smaller salons. This practice is a sure invitation to disaster. You never know who has a nail infection and who does not. Bacteria can thrive on the dipping powder and affect healthy people by transmitting the disease.
  • One of the alternatives is to sprinkle dip powder on the nail from the bottle. However, many salons let the excess powder fall back into the same container, increasing the chances of infections.
  • Removing dip powder polish can also cause problems to the skin. One knows that dipping powder takes time to remove. The removal process involves soaking the nail in acetone. Freshly applied dip powder polish requires soaking in acetone for about 15 minutes. If the product has been on the nails for three to four weeks, one has to dip their fingers in acetone for a minimum of half an hour. Acetone can dehydrate the nails and the skin. Thus, your nails become brittle after removing dip powder.
  • Finally, there can be issues with the dip powder you use. As long as you use quality products, like Kiara Sky, there should not be any problems. Inexpensive products available on the market contain chemicals that can be toxic and damaging to the nail plate. Tests have shown that low-quality dip powder can contain a high proportion of carcinogenic substances that can cause dental and nasal irritation.

Thus, one should visit high-quality salons to get the best and safest Kiara Sky dip nails. Alternatively, one should perform the manicure at home using high-quality products.

DIY Dip Powder Manicure

Let us learn how to do a safe dip powder manicure at home.

  • Clean your fingers with soap and sanitize them.
  • Use a sterilized nail file to smooth your nails. Use it gently to avoid the nail chipping and to break away.
  • Apply good-quality basecoat on your nails and leave out a small area near the cuticles.
  • Dip your nails into Kiara Sky dip powder bottle at an angle of 45 degrees. As you will be the sole person using this powder, there is no risk of contracting or spreading any infection.
  • Shake your fingers and remove the excess powder from the nail bed. Alternatively, use a brush to dust the powder off.
  • Apply the topcoat using thin strokes to give your nails the shine they need.
  • Repeat the procedure with all your fingers.


We have discussed how dip powder is advantageous when compared to other manicures. Simultaneously, we have also learned how cheap-quality dipping powder can do more harm than good. The point that we drive home is that one should use quality products like Kiara Sky to acquire beautiful and healthy nails.